Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jewelry Bug

I have been taking jewelry classes and workshops for the past few months.  I have really gotten into silver smithing.  It has been so much fun to take a piece of metal and turn it in to a wearable piece of art.  I know I’m just a newbie but I really like it.
I made this at my beginning soldering class a few weeks ago.
A few days later, I made these necklaces for my niece and her friend to celebrate them participating in their school talent show.  The girls danced their hearts out.  The necklaces are made with sterling silver and a copper circle soldered to the center. Then, I stamped their names around the edges for a personal effect.  I even made the chain by soldering the clasp and making the jump rings to it.
Hope to show you more soon.


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  1. I love the necklaces. You are so talented. I cannot wait to grow up so I can be you. You learn all the funnest things.